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Legal and Democratic Services

The Legal Service at West Suffolk advises and supports other services to enable the lawful delivery of West Suffolk objectives. In particular focusing on procurements, property transactions, recovery of debts, giving guidance of government matters and so forth. Work experience would give you the knowledge of legal research, preparing legal documents and shadowing cases of particular interest.

On the other hand, the Democratic Service manages the administrative support to the democratic and corporate process of councils' decision making process. They work closely with staff throughout the authority and support councillors in performing their duties. Work experience in this team would encourage you to produce electoral registration forms, help in the creation of a weekly e-newsletter and potentially having to liaise with councillors and the mayor.

Some key activities you might be involved in during the placement include:

  • Preparation of agendas for committee meetings including checking and formatting of reports
  • Follow up work post committee meetings
  • General administrative tasks
  • Producing and circulating distribution timetables
  • Production of a weekly e-newsletter to all councillors
  • Processing of electoral registration forms
  • Planning civic events on behalf of the Mayor
  • Undertaking legal research
  • Attending at court hearings
  • Preparing legal documents
  • Attending a public inquiry
  • Filing and storing legal documents
  • Understanding the provision of legal advice

Placements cover:

  • Legal
  • Democratic
  • Policy

Jobs in Legal:

  • Lawyer
  • Paralegal
  • Solicitor
  • Administrative Assistant

Jobs in Democratic:

  • Elections Officer
  • Mayoralty
  • Cabinet Officer
  • Scrutiny Officer

Who can do work experience?

Ideal for:

  • Law students
  • Business students
  • Politics students
  • Interest in government and the public sector

If you are an enthusiastic student who is willing to learn and wanting to gain an understanding of the work carried out in Legal and Democratic, please send your CV to learningatwork@westsuffolk.gov.uk.