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Ellie Golding

Housing Options, St Edmundsbury Borough Council and Forest Heath District Council

Throughout the last 12 weeks I have worked amongst the Housing Options and Homelessness team. Whilst I have previously had no experience of housing in the past. This internship has been an excellent opportunity to shadow different areas of the department. This has allowed me to gauge an understanding of just how important the housing options team is in terms of supporting people within a community.

The area I worked particularly closely with was the Solutions Team. I was responsible for the inbox which recieves the referrals made by the Housing Advice and Prevention Team. My role was to foward the referrals to the appropriate Officers who specialise in the support of the required area. The solutions team referrals also work with a spreadsheet which I was responsible for updating this will then be made into graphs and diagrams.

Other than the solutions team this opportunity has given me the chance to visit the local drop in centre for rough sleepers, attend a property inspection of some temporary accommodation and become familiar with the housing register.

As well as my work within the housing team, another area that I have loved is the community intern project where we looked at loneliness. It has been a fantastic opportunity to meet the other interns as well as improve my project management skills. Organising a community event has given me the chance to work with other areas within the council such as the communications team. We worked really closely with them in the run up to our event in terms of social media promotion and the marketing of our event.

To conclude, the last 12 weeks have been the perfect introduction to a professional working environment. We have received a multitude of training which has eased us into the transition between university and the start of our professional careers.