Sandra Lewis

Sandra Lewis, Suffolk Coastal and Waveney District Councils

Apprenticeships bring a new lease of life to the organisation and a young person who is eager to learn and keen to get involved (in anything!) is a real asset to any team.

They can provide invaluable support to officers whilst gaining really useful experience and knowledge themselves.

In application forms, prospective apprentices should ensure they include their interests both in and out of school / education, including the sort of work they enjoy doing, IT skills, any work experience in any capacity.

They should make sure they have used spell check or get someone to proof read their application form to ensure it makes sense!

At interview, it is difficult sometimes to talk about relevant experience, but applicants should be showing they are friendly, keen to learn and interested in the role more than anything.

Apprentices within our team are supported in everything they do and we are always looking for new things they can get involved in or training courses they can go on to expand their knowledge and add to their CV.

Apprentices are encouraged and guided through the NVQ process and regular one-to-ones are held to make sure any concerns are addressed and progress is monitored.